She fell back on traditional wisdom to live on

She fell back on traditional wisdom to live on

Vadodara: Two days ago when Jamna Gond was felicitated during a function organized to celebrate the women’s day at the GSRTST depot, she almost dashed to the stage. The audience was amused to seen an-80-year-old Jamna Gond climb the dais with childlike enthusiasm and deliver an energetic speech.

Jamna Maasi, as she is fondly called, inspired many when she narrated her struggles while raising a big family. “After my husband died 30 years ago, I have been looking after my family. So, every day has been a women’s day for me. I had never attended school and not worked anywhere. I had nobody to fall back on but the knowledge of herbs and ayurved I got from my mother came in handy,” Jamna told TOI.

She and her family sell herbs and Ayurvedic powders at a small stall in the ST depot. Her family now consists of 12 members and she still earns for them. Whenever customers visit their stall, Jamna holds their wrist and within a minute she gives them diagnosis. “It runs into our family that has been doing it for generations. I narrate them their health issues and give Ayurvedic powder that we prepare at home. We collect herbs and plants from the forests of Pavagadh, Dangs, Junagadh and Madhya Pradesh,” she said and added that she is still the head of her family.

Jamna’s son Kiran said they earn enough to make ends meet but Jamna’s frequent visits to bank even amused even officials.

“Whatever we earn, we deposit in the bank every month along with our house rent that is then paid to the owner. Even during demonetisation, we used to regularly deposit money. So, bank officials asked us how we deposit Rs 15 to Rs 20,000 in the bank every month. We had to explain them about our business,” Jamna said.