How to make money with Android App Using Admob

How to make money with Android App Using Admob

There are many ways to make money online like, freelancing, Youtube money making, Facebook money making, Affiliate marketing, Crypto Currency, CPA marketing, blogging and money others. I think these are the main online earning ways by which different online earners make money online. As you know on this site am trying to give best ideas to make money to you. On daily bases posts on my website am trying to give a daily new idea for online money making. Same as in today post you can learn a new and post easiest ways of online earning which How to make money with Android App Using Admob. The method how to earn from admob sounds good and cool. The way How to make money with Android App Using Admob is the biggest source of earning. You can daily earn minimum 30$ per day from How to make money with Android App Using Admob. If you want to know how to make money from Android apps ads then follow this article.  The main thing is that peoples think how much does admob pay per click before work.

Admob Google

The idea how to make money online is totally easy and simple way to make money online using Google Adsense. Admob Android is a legal and huge source of earning online. You can completely trust on this earning way because this way of earning is provided by Google Adsense. You can earn daily minimum $30 only by creating a single, simple android app and by putting advertisements on this app given by the Google Adsense. You can check admob revenue on daily bases.

If you don’t know how to create an android app then there is no need to worry because in this post you complete learning How to make money with Android App Using Admob, even you don’t know how to create a simple Android App. You can find here a complete step by step method of earning by Android app so keep reading the post completely. There is also another way is that, admob video ads revenue for more money.

How to make money with Android App Using Admob

You can check the complete step by step method or guide which helps you to make money with an Android App. There is no need to think how I create an Android app only just follow the step you can make money by this idea of earning easily.

Earn from Admob

  1. Create an Android App
  2. Need A Google Adsense Account
  3. Go To Admod
  4. Sign-up with Admob
  5. Create a firebase unit
  6. Publish your App on Playstore
  7. Promote Your App

I think it is difficult to learn this method how to make money with an Android app, therefore I am going to describe all these step one by one for your satisfaction because my main motive is to give the knowledge to you by which you can make money easily.

1. Create an Android App

For making money with an Android app first of all you need an Android app it is main and base of this earning method. If you a developer then it’s good because then you can create an Android app easily. There is no limit or criteria for making an app it may be simple image base app or completely featured app it all depends on your skills and interest. If you don’t know the there are two ways to create an Android app which I mention below

  1. Create your app From a Developer
  2. Use the App of the other Available on Playstore


Get the android app

Android Studio

Means the one way of creating Android app is to pay a developer and order them to create an app for you. You can find the developers from different freelancing websites like up work, Fiverr and many others.


The favorite and easy way of making money with an Android app is to use the app of another person and start making money.

2. Need A Google Adsense Account

The second step of How to make money with Android App Using Admob is to need a Google Adsense account. It is difficult to approve and Google Adsense account because if you want to approve Google Adsense account you need to follow many strict Google Policies. But I have an alternate here how to get approved Google Adsense account. There are different ways to get approve the Google Adsense account but here you can check the easiest way to get approved Google Adsense account.

How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account

There are many bloggers and online earners, sorry beginners who don’t get an approval from Google Adsense account. Therefore they search on different search engines visit different website link for getting trick to approve Google Adsense account, but they failed. But here is a simple trick to get approval from Google Adsense. Only create your content with minimum 1000 words in each post uniquely and put this content on any blog one by one in every day. The number of posts minimum 30 Articles with no copy score. When you post all the content then apply for Google Adsense. This is so simple only go to Google Adsense and sign up here create your login detail and put the website link here finally submit this link. In 24-48 hours you got an approval of Google Adsense account. This method of getting Google Adsense approval is so simple and easy for everyone and freshers.

3. Go To Admob 

At that stage, there is a need to having an Admob account which is compulsory for how to make money with an Android app. All the activities of this earning idea based on this account. Because in AdMob account you can check your daily earnings, payments, create ads and many more. There is no issue to get approval for Admob account it easy.

4. Sing-Up with Admob

In fourth step of How to make money with Android App Using Admob .There is a time to make an Admob account and become an Admob publisher. For this, you should write in google Admob. Then Open the first link appears in Google Search results. Here you see a sign-up option only clicks on this and fill the information. Now, do you have an Admob account? For directly go to Admob Platform click on Admob direct link.

5. Create a Firebase 

At this stage you need to create a firebase account, In other words, you have to need a database on which you store your record and manage the referrals and store data here. When you want this then go to firebase clicks on signup. Now complete the information and submit. After submitting your account is created now go to develop menu in left sidebar first option and clicks on the database here you see your created database.

6. Publish or Upload App on Google Play store

The Method How to make money with Android App Using Admob maximum tasks were completed at that stage when you complete all these now sign-up on Google app store here only publish or upload your created an Android app.

7. Promote Your Android App For Admob Money

Well done you complete all the tasks for How to make money with Android App Using Admob. This is the time to promote your App for grabbing a lot of users from different platforms so that they download and use your app. For promoting app you must share your links on popular social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, Google Plus and many other networks.

How to make money with Android App Using Admob Without Having App

If you don’t know about app development or in other words you have not enough knowledge to create an Android app then the alternate way is given below step by step completely.


  1. Go to Google Play store
  2. Create an Account
  3. Search an App whatever you like
  4. Download the App
  5. Download Android Editing Apk tool
  6. Open the tool and put the API key in the app
  7. Here you saw complete interface of this App
  8. Now Only replace the AdMob codes with your codes

How much does AdMob pay per impression?

when you search How to make money with Android App Using Admob then also search is it trusted. Yes Admob is a google base product, therefore, it gives the best money for per impression. It official rate is 1$ on every 1000 impressions. And the click rate is 0.25$.

Best Ideas To Make Money With Admob Trusted Trusted?

In the past and presents a lot of online earners get success to make money with Google Products like Google Adsense and Youtube. An Admob is also a Google Product which allows to advertise the Google Ads and make money legal. It is clear that How to make money with Android App Using Admob is legal and official way.